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Our in person and on premise consultation is suitable for various types of requirements such as: home staging, interior designing, pre-home sale assessment, color consultation, etc.


We provide a professional consultation report while we are on site as we survey the property and discuss your needs with you. This report will allow you to action all the main areas before your home is ready to be staged.



$99 (Homes up to 1500 sq. ft.)

$150 (Homes above 1500 - 3000 sq.. ft.)



This service is suitable for occupied homes where we work with most of your furniture and add staging accessories to give your home  a completely new look to appeal  the potential buyers.


The consultation is included in this service with a report of pre-showcasing requirements. Optionally we also provide a customized staging to meet your budget.





$650 to $850 (Homes up to 2000 sq. ft.)

$850  to $950 (Homes up to 3000 sq. ft.)


This service is suitable for vacant homes where we will provide necessary rental furniture and accessories required to bring life to the home and give a homely feeling  appealing to the potential buyers.


The consultation is included in this service and our report will detail all the furniture and accessories that we  will bring before showcasing. We provide the right amount of furniture to minimize cost without compromising the staging.



The fee will range depending on your budget and requirements



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